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Legal Requirement from 4th July 2009



It became a legal requirement for all businesses that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, Stationary Fire Protection Systems and Extinguishers, Air conditioning and Heat Pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants to obtain an F-Gas Company Certificate.




















From 1st January 2015 a new EU Directive
No: 517/2015 F Gas Regulation 2


We are issuing this information to users of HFC Refrigerants (R134A).

It is your obligation to comply with Article 11(4) of the Regulation as detailed below.
For the purposes of carrying out the installation, servicing, maintenance or repair of the equipment that contains fluorinated greenhouse gases or show functioning relies upon those gases for which certification or attestation is required under Article 10, fluorinated greenhouse gases shall only be sold to and purchased by undertakings that hold the relevant certificates or attestations in accordance with Article 10 or undertakings that employ persons holding a certificate or a training attestation with Article 10(2)and(5).


This paragraph shall not prevent non-certified undertakings, who do not carry out the activities referred to in the first sentence of this paragraph from collecting, transporting or delivering fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Safe Handling of Refrigerants Certification
City and Guilds 7543 - 01



Contact our Air-Con Specialist Dave Molloy on 087 24 69 175 for more information on F-Gas Training.



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